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Clive Roberts

What is it?

If you think you may be able to entertain by playing an instrument, singing, reciting poetry, monologues, juggling, whatever, but have never been given the chance... well you have now!

Come and entertain 'The Candle Club'

Each 'act' gets 10 minutes on stage (8 minutes plus 2 minutes to set-up) which is timed by traffic lights (when the light goes amber you've got 2 minutes!). When it is red your time slot has finished. Acts with more than one person are very welcome but you must be able to set up in 2 minutes so, unfortunately, drum kits can't be used.

Most instruments can be accommodated without amplifiers but we do recommend guitars with pick-ups as the quality of sound will be much better given the amount of time allowed for setting up.

Also, if you are singing, please position yourself as close to the microphone as possible. We will help you setup but try and make sure the mic is in right position and you are comfortable before starting.

To be sure of taking part please arrive by 8pm.

(If you don't have any yearnings to get on stage then we would pleased to see you as part of the audience!)

Why is it called 'The Candle Club'?

The Candle Club gets its name simply from the fact that it was decided candles would be placed on the tables. The aim from the start being to create a warm and friendly atmosphere for performers and audience alike. Besides, we couldn't come up with a name that summed up the evening and instead decided to call it something abstract!


  • To promote amateur Musical, Poetic and Comedic Talent
  • To encourage the performance of these talents whilst discouraging
    a 'Talent contest' approach
  • To assist with the development of presentational skills
  • To create further opportunities for performers

  • Other Activities


    Each Monday one act will be chosen and offered the opportunity to play on the first Sunday Night of the following month. Each of the four acts on the Sunday night will be given a half hour spot. The first will start at 8.15 and the evening will finish at 10.30 with 5 mins between acts.



    It is hoped to have one act chosen from each monthly showcase to take part in a six monthly Saturday Night Showcase. This evening will again be 30 minute sets starting at 8.30pm and finishing at 12.20. If possible the evening will be recorded and a CD or tape will be produced from the results (if agreed to by all performers!).

    Last Showcase Saturday 24th June 2000

    (A great time was had by all and £143.50 was collected for The Rose Road Children's Appeal!)



    It has been suggested that a Candle Club CD could be produced showcasing a selection of acts.This could be recorded professionally in a recording studio possibly with session musicians. The CD would then be sold and also touted to Publishers. There could also be visits by the club to music festivals such as Trowbridge.