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Candle Club Christmas Extravaganza 2009

Thankyou to everyone who took part or came to watch what turned out to be yet another great night! Thanks to Simon for the Raffle prizes and to all who bought tickets and donated. We raised £67 which covered the costs for the evening and pays for hosting the Candle Club website

Candle Club 11th Anniversary 2006

Thankyou to everyone who took part or came to watch what turned out to be yet another great night!

Candle Club 10th Anniversary 2006

Thankyou to everyone who took part or came to watch what turned out to be a fantastic, fun packed evening.

Thanks to those of those of you who bought raffle tickets and increased the club funds by £60.

Thanks also to The Talking Heads for supplying the raffle prizes.

Christmas Candle Club Draw 2005

Many thanks to all of those who bought raffle tickets at the Christmas 2005 Candle Club. Also, many thanks to Simon/Mark of the Talking Heads for supplying raffle prizes.

We raised £68.20 for the club funds!


(In Adobe Acrobat 'PDF' format –1.7meg) Contains some useful music related articles but no responsibility can be taken for any inaccuracies as this was produced in 1999!
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The Candle Club appeared at

Beggars Fair 2003


11th-12th July

at The Abbey Hotel


The Candle Club appeared at

Gosport & Fareham Folk Festival 2003

18th April 2003

at The Red Lion Hotel, East Street, Fareham



raised a grand total of


which has been given to The Rose Road Children's Appeal

Thankyou to all of the people who performed and those of you who supported this event.

The Candle Club appeared at

Beggars Fair 2001


13th-14th July

at The Abbey Hotel



Thankyou for supporting The Christmas Candle Club. (12/99)

Ritchie's haircut raised £30.80p

The Raffle raised £40.87p

A donation of


has been forwarded to The Rose Road Children's Appeal

Thankyou to Tim at 'The Heads' for supplying food and draw prizes and The Music Shop for the main draw prize and all who played or supported this event.


Distributed 19th January 1999

After over two years of commitment 'The Candle Club' is finally paying dividends. No it is not some sort of religious gathering but a chance for local amateur talent to see if they can entertain a crowd, on stage, in a proper live venue. It has got to the point now where there is not enough time to accommodate all the acts, with up to 15 appearing on a Monday night. Local talent isn't a strictly accurate description as, because of the huge student population in Southampton, people from as far afield as France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Russia and the Isle of Wight have taken the stage. The exciting thing about 'The Candle Club' isnÕt the variety of acts and the lively atmosphere but the amount of original material performed, be it in the form of songs, poetry or stand-up comedy. Because of this wealth of talent the founders of the club Simeon Hill and Clive Roberts along with the help of Management of The Talking Heads, Southampton have decided it is time to create further opportunities for the people performing. To this end one act from each Monday will be put forward to take part in a monthly 'Showcase'. This will take place on the first Sunday of the month and acts will be given more time to perform. Every six months a big Saturday night 'Showcase' will be staged with six acts chosen from the Sunday 'Showcases' and this will be recorded and a CD produced. Throughout the year 12 original pieces of material will be sought which will be recorded professionally and a second CD produced which will be sold and also forwarded to publishers. Because The Candle Club is a non profit making venture sponsors are being sought. Any donations, however small would be appreciated by all taking part. If you want to see what The Candle Club is all about get down to The Talking Heads at Portswood in Southampton, but before 8.30 if you want to take part or get a seat!

Clive Roberts,
Acadia PR and Design, Currie House,
Herbert Walker Avenue, Western Docks,
Southampton S015 1HJ.
Telephone: 01703 232525
18th January 1999