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Clive Roberts


The Candle Club is 'run' voluntarily by the following:

Founders – Simeon Hill and Clive Roberts


Comperes: Sticky (AKA Simon Stickland), Keith Damone, Charlie Finn, Jon Harris, James Roberts, Tom Gurd, Robin Barker (A.K.A. wotsisname) and the legendary Johnny Jet

Sound - Clive Roberts


Occasional stage management    Zeno Zante Stow-Monk & Mike Murray


Contact friends at the Candle Club

Send us an E-Mail and we will post any messages HERE. Let us know what you're up to!

How to contact us

E-Mail: info@candleclub.co.uk

or management at The Talking Heads
on (023) 8067 8446


Web Sites to visit


Thanks to Guy, Will and the bar staff at The Talking Heads for all the help, support and loan of equipment. Also, Rich for sound advice with the PA.


Joe Low, Freelance Photographer

for supplying his services for free.


Kim Meddick, Freelance Photographer

for supplying his services for free.


The Music Shop

1, Brook Road, Bitterne, Southampton. Telephone: (023) 8043 7937
For supplying equipment and sponsorship.


Nigel Cook at Diverse Devices (Electronic Repair)

for 'traffic light' conversion and providing guitar tuner and other gadgets

Tel: Nigel Cook on 023 8058 4680. Web Site: http://homepages.tcp.co.uk/~diverse/)